What is Claimed as a Personal Injury?

There are some basic starting points, but from there, each injured person’s circumstances must be taken into account and applied to determine exactly how much can be claimed.

Healing time

For example, let’s imagine that you are discharged from rehabilitation, but until 15 days, you have not been given an appointment with the trauma to be discharged. The company will not want to pay those 15 days apart, counting only up to the date of your discharge from rehabilitation.

And now, the situation is much more complicated, taking into account the forced stop that many injured with personal injuries in a traffic accident have had in their treatments due to the forced confinement that we have had because of the health crisis caused by Covid19.

It is easy to imagine that the time the victims have not been able to undergo treatment to heal has harmed their evolution. But it is almost certain that you will have to fight with the companies for this cause, which will try to deduct days of healing for this reason.

Author: Roger Young

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