Types of personal injury claims include road traffic accidents, accidents at work, tripping accidents, etc

13 Things You Should Do if Involved in a Car Accident

I. Immediately call 911 for medical attention (remember, you might not know you are injured right away due to shock, so have a medical professional check you out);

II. Ask the 911 operator to send police;

III. Take photos of all vehicles involved and the area around the accident (you cannot have too many photos);

IV. Take down the names and contact information of any witnesses;

V. Take notice of the status of the other driver and if the other driver appears to be impaired by drugs or alcohol, tell the police officer.

VI. Take a note of the weather conditions;



VII. Read the police report carefully before signing it (also take photos of the report);

VIII. Get the other driver's insurance information (take several photos of any insurance cards);

IX. Keep track of all medical expenses and lost income related to the injuries sustained in the accident;

X. Do NOT admit fault.

XI. Do not sign anything besides the police report;

XII. Do not agree to any quick insurance settlement; and

XIII. Call an experienced attorney you can trust.


Personal Injury

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Are Not Quick To Settle


At John Peter Lee, Ltd. we hold individuals and companies responsible when their negligence causes injuries to you or a family member. For all of our injured clients, we help even the odds against large and sometimes intimidating insurance companies, who try to settle for pennies on the dollar.

Do not speak to an insurance company or accept a dime of their money until you speak to an experienced personal injury attorney at our law firm.

Representing Injured Clients for Over Three Decades


Since 1975, the law firm of John Peter Lee, Ltd., has helped those victimized by negligence in accidents that involve:

  • Car and Truck Crashes
  • Premises Liability
  • Negligent Security
  • Slip and Fall Mishaps
  • Medical Malpractice

An injury can turn your life upside down in an instant. Your work life is forever affected by neck, back or spinal injuries. Your personal life is not the same as it was prior to the accident. You are entitled to compensation, whether that comes through arbitration or litigation.

Customized Legal Representation and Case Preparation


At our firm, there are no standard templates in handling a personal injury matter. Your legal matter will receive personalized attention while we establish your case. While you seek treatment for your injuries, we do the legal heavy lifting. We will also keep you in constant contact to update you on the status of your personal injury claim.