Eminent Domain: Being Abused?

'Eminent Domain'


In the United States, eminent domain is a right granted under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. If real estate property is being seized, fair market value must take into account prices in the surrounding area, and payment must be made promptly. Eminent domain laws are frequently contested in the courts, as there have been cases of property being seized only to have a private business set up shop on the grounds, which goes against the intention of the power.

But now, people who don't want to sell their homes at any price - just to see their land go to another private owner - are fighting back.

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Eminent Domain

When the Government Takes Your Land, Call Us

When the government wants to take your land, you have few options. One of those options is to get the money you are entitled to based on the property's fair market value. At John Peter Lee, Ltd., in Las Vegas, Nevada, our longtime practice of real estate law means we have the experience and legal knowledge to help you.

Maximize your recovery. Do not hand over your land to a government agency for pennies on the dollar. We will aggressively represent you and ensure the government pays you for what they need.

When the Government Wants Your Land

The government taking property is a fact of life for many Nevada residents. State and federal government agencies use eminent domain laws to secure the land for a variety of purposes. Our job is to aggressively advocate for you and ensure that the government entity compensates you accordingly.

Eminent Domain and Las Vegas Airspace

Eminent domain can affect more than just the land under your feet. Las Vegas residents who live close to the airport often see their airspace infringed upon. They are limited in their height capacities for their homes. Loud airplanes fly in close from above and disrupt their day-to-day activities.

At the law firm of John Peter Lee, Ltd., our attorneys believe that airports need to be held responsible for the airspace they are taking.