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Business Law

Business law encompasses the law governing contracts, sales, commercial paper, agency and employment law, business organizations, property, and bailments. Other popular areas include insurance, wills and estate planning, and consumer and creditor protection. Business law may include issues such as starting, selling ,or buying a small business, managing a business, dealing with employees, or dealing with contracts, among others.

What is a Valid Contract?

A valid contract is one that is enforceable by a court. You want to be sure any contract you sign is enforceable.

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Las Vegas Business Law Attorneys

In business, there is always a new opportunity and a new challenge. It is vital to adapt to changes in the economy, the law and the marketplace. Whenever your business plans change, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.

At the Nevada law firm of John Peter Lee, Ltd., we offer sound legal guidance and experienced representation to small and mid-sized businesses, established corporations and new entrepreneurial ventures in the Las Vegas area. Contact us today to schedule an informative consultation at no charge.

We have been in business since 1975. In that time we have come to know the pressures and personalities in the Las Vegas area intimately. The lawyers at John Peter Lee, Ltd., are a logical choice for clients who are new to the area or those considering their options in the formation of a new business entity.

Comprehensive Business Law Services

Our firm handles transactional work as well as the arbitration and litigation of business and commercial disputes. We possess substantial experience in a wide range of business law matters, including:

  • Business entity formation
  • General contract law
  • Intellectual property protection and disputes
  • Real estate matters such as property acquisition, commercial leases and landlord-tenant disputes
  • Construction law and environmental issues
  • Shareholder reporting
  • Specialized regulatory issues
  • Business reorganization in Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Dissolution of family businesses in divorce
  • Perfection of judgments for out-of-state clients pursuing the collection of a debt in Nevada
  • Guidance for companies seeking to provide mortgage rescue services in a legal and ethical manner

We also offer virtual in-house counsel services on an ongoing basis to help our clients adjust to the volatile economic and legal environment, to address challenges immediately and to take full advantage of opportunities as they arise. To discuss any current, pending or potential business law matter in a free consultation with an experienced lawyer, we invite you to contact our Las Vegas offices.