Get a fresh start




Many people have turned to bankruptcy as a solution to their financial situation. Whether to stop a foreclosure on a house, a repossession of a car or a wage garnishment, bankruptcy can provide a fresh start and allow you to rebuild your credit and get back on a healthy financial footing. Although it may be a fairly easy process to start, complications can arise that may make legal advice valuable before filing a bankruptcy petition.




Protecting the Rights of Debtors and Creditors


The law firm of John Peter Lee, Ltd., represents both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy proceedings throughout Nevada.

Whether you are a debtor or creditor, contact us at 702-382-4044 for help with a bankruptcy filing. You need an experienced bankruptcy attorney with a thorough knowledge of the related laws.

Bankruptcy Is an Option


For a debtor, constant collection calls can make you afraid to answer your phone. You may be struggling financially due to medical bills, a job layoff or a divorce. You may not see a way out, or believe that your options are limited.

You have options. There is a way out. Filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 may offer you the solution you need.

Protecting the Rights of Creditors


Creditors feel the impact of a bankruptcy filing as well. Their bottom line is affected when customers liquidate or reorganize their debts. They need representation as much as a debtor.

Providing Aggressive Representation and Vital Information


At the law firm of John Peter Lee, Ltd., we not only provide aggressive representation for our clients, but we also serve as a source of information. Many clients come to us thinking bankruptcy is no longer an option. It is. The laws may have changed, but bankruptcy is still an option for many people with financial difficulties.