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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)...

Arbitration is one of the two most common methods of ADR, with Mediation being the other. Like other forms of alternative dispute resolution, the parties involved resolve their dispute outside of the federal and state judicial systems rather than litigating it in court. Arbitration is the process by which an experienced legal professional hears a dispute and makes a ruling concerning the dispute.

Arbitration can also be either binding or non-binding. Binding arbitration is final and generally cannot be appealed. Non-binding arbitration is generally mandated by the courts and can be appealed. Arbitration has long been used in labor, construction, and securities regulation, but is now gaining popularity in other business disputes.


Arbitration as an Alternative to Litigation


Litigation is costly and time-consuming, but it is not the only option to resolve a case. Other forms of dispute resolution exist, including arbitration. At John Peter Lee, Ltd., in Las Vegas, Nevada, we believe that working at the negotiating table can be just as effective as litigating in a courtroom.

While arbitration is not the only option, it may provide the best resolution to a legal conflict. To find out about alternatives to litigation, contact us at 702-382-4044.

Mandatory Arbitration in Contracts

There are times when arbitration is not just an option, but a mandatory step in resolving disputes. Real estate and construction contracts often have required arbitration written into the contract. While that does not prevent litigation from happening in the future, arbitration gives opposing sides the chance to sit down in a cooperative environment and work out their differences.

Arbitrating, Not Litigating Your Legal Disputes

Even if arbitration is not required, it remains a valid option to find a middle ground and fix your legal problems. At the law firm of John Peter Lee, Ltd., we are experienced in negotiation, arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). We encourage our clients to explore those options as well. It is not necessary to immediately file a lawsuit to resolve a legal dispute. Explore the option of working it out away from the courtroom with the help of one of our attorneys. We can help facilitate the process to find a peaceful resolution through arbitration.